9th International Trade Show

Palais des Expositions d’Alger – SAFEX
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How to become an exhibitor

1. Get started

Want to exhibit?

Just contact us to start your particiption.

We’ll be happy to help answer your questions and lead you through the process.

2. Get information

The responsible contact person will send you the hall plan and calculation.

Be always up-to-date about the market information, the last show’s key facts, and new brochure about the next show!

3. Choose location

Looking for the perfect booth?

Be the first to choose your preferred stand before your competitors do!

Check the available stand locations on the hall plan.

4. Choose your package

Modular stand construction or individual stand design?

Profit from a preconstructed modular stand or choose space only for an individual stand design.

Find out about available national pavilions!

5. Online booking

Ready for participating?

Easy way to finalize your booking via fairtrade Messe Online Shop. Your personal log-in is given by us.

We are looking forward to welcome you as an exhibitor!

6. Customize your participation

Want to stand out of the crowd?

Once registered, you will be able to present your company in the exhibitor catalogue, add furniture and eye-catching graphics to your booth.

Steps for a successful participation

  • Aims for trade fair participation

    Make sure that you have a clear idea of what your trade fair participation is to achieve. There are different aims you can achieve: communication aims like creating new contacts, presentation aims of new product developments, sales aims, and strategic trade fair aims such as image impact, networking and employee motivation.

    Exhibits & stands

    What products will you exhibit at the chosen exhibition? Only selected products or your entire product range? Most importantly: would you like to ship your products/ machines to the country of the exhibition? Think about it before planning your stand!

  • Budget

    Calculate your costs while planning your participation. These are the most important cost centers: Basic costs (stand rent, electricity, and registration fees), stand construction/design (graphics, decoration), stand service (external personnel, catering, advertising), communication (telephone, internet), transport (forwarding, insurance, packaging), personnel and travel, trade fair preparation and follow-up (involvement of other departments, special product development).

    Trip planning

    You should allow enough time for long-distance travel. The main reasons for this are entry and import formalities and health protection. Inform yourself in advance about visa regulations and required vaccinations.

  • Advertising and public relations

    Draw attention to your company’s participation at the exhibition as early as possible! Personally invite existing and potential customers to your stand and download our e-mail banners and provide giveaways for selected partners and customers at your stand. Above all: advertise across various forms of media - using adverts, PR and especially social media which all emphasize your future orientation.

    Stand personnel

    Make sure that every employee is informed about the upcoming trade fair participation so that they can participate in the preparation. Train your exhibition staff to a highly motivated, competent and friendly team who warmly welcomes visitors into your stand. Think about it – they are making business at the exhibition!

  • Stand operation

    Your stand manager has control over your stand. To be ready for every situation, rely on seasoned staff and prepare your stand appearance thoroughly. Pimp up your stand with eye-catching graphics to attract more visitors! While your own stand is in operation, there is a good opportunity to observe what is happening at the fair. Draw conclusions about the general behaviour of visitors and other exhibitors.

    Follow-up work

    Your presentation was a success?  Great! Your work is not done yet though – it is important to evaluate your customer talks right after the exhibition. Do not make your customers wait too long for any information, proposals or documents you promised.

  • Evaluate your participation

    Was your participation in the trade fair an all-round success? This includes a precise compilation, checking of all costs and answers to these possible questions: Do the actual costs differ from your cost estimate and, if so, why? Are there alternatives to being present in the market and, if so, at what cost and what time investment? Are the aims for this trade fair achieved?

    Now your company can benefit from the experience, the contacts you made, and last but not least from business!

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