8th International Trade Show

CIC Alger
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plast & printpack alger 2022:
The powerful restart for the Algerian plast & printpack industry

“Recycling of plastics and packaging material - Algeria on the way to a circular economy”

3,675 professionals discussed their business with 110 globally leading exhibitors from 18 countries

What an exhibition! After 2 covid influenced years, plast & printpack alger 2022 marked the powerful restart for the Algerian plast & printpack industry. Exhibitor Latife Karabulut of Ekin Makina expressed her satisfaction this way: “plast & printpack alger 2022, the show and the number and quality of the visitors, made us very happy. Like in the past years. We love Algeria and we love plast & printpack  alger. See you in 2024!”

110 globally leading exhibitors from 18 countries presented technology innovations and solutions specifically suited to the Algerian market to 3,675 professionals from 42 countries. Exhibitors and professional visitors were eager to finally meet in person again, to tackle new projects, and to discuss business.

The exhibitors came from Algeria, Austria, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.

Of the 3,675 trade visitors, 95% came from Algeria (3,484) and 5% (191 visitors) from a total of 41 countries. Particularly to mention here are Tunisia, France, Turkey, Germany, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Senegal. The largest share of Algerian visitors came from Algiers, followed by Sétif, Blida, Oran, Bejaia, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Boumerdès, Constantine, Batna, Annaba, Tipaza, Ghardaïa, Tizi Ouzou and Tlemcen.

Exceptional satisfaction rates were recorded both by exhibitors and visitors. Thus, 90% of the exhibitors declared being satisfied or very satisfied with the exhibition & conference as a whole and 96% of them wish to participate in the next edition in March 2024. In summary, the event was a great success and once again confirmed its position as the leading sector platform for Algeria.

The 7th edition took place from 16 to 18 May 2022 at the state-of-the-art CIC Abdelatif Rahal International Conference Centre in Algiers.

plast & printpack alger is being organised by fairtrade biannually since 2010, the event has once again been prominently reinforced on the organiser side with Messe Duesseldorf joining in 2017.

See full details on the 2022 event in the Post Show Report

Exhibitors satisfied or even very satisfied

86% number of visitors
89% service of the organisers
90% event as a whole
95% would recommend the event to their peers
96% intend to participate again

77% exportal helpful to promote business and product

Visitors satisfied or even very satisfied

97% quality of business contacts
100% would recommend the event to their peers

Sectors of interest:*
*multiple answers possible
Plastics                                         52%
Printing                                         31%
Packaging                                     38%

Main reason to visit:
To get information about new products and innovations   48%
To establish and expand business contacts                         52%

Gallery 2022

This is what they said 2022

  • Mr. Lionel Cassiani-Ingoni
    pbh France - President

    Flexible packaging is very popular with our Algerian customers and the demand for high quality equipment is high. Our film extrusion lines from W&H allow us to produce films that meet today's quality requirements.

    The customers and prospects we meet here at printpack alger 2022 are mainly decision-makers, managers or company directors with clear and successful projects.

    Our expectations are fully met. Our stand is always full and we did not expect to meet so many interested people.

  • Mr. Salvador Benedito
    Director of Granzplast & President of AVEP – Valencian Association of Plastics Entrepreneurs

    plast alger 2022 has been a great success for our five Spanish companies from Valencia.

    The professional visitors have great potential, they are serious and we had a large number of high quality meetings.

    Already in the first one and a half days we had as many meetings and contacts with as many companies as we were expecting for the whole fair.

  • Ms. Latife Karabulut
    International Trade Manager - Ekin Makin

    As Ekin machinery we are manufacturer of horizontal and vertical injection molding machines from 30T up to 1250T. And all of our products attract attention in the Algerian market.

    Many kind of plastic product manufacturers are visiting us: from construction to medical, agriculture to electrical, automotive to single use packing producers.

    This is our 3rd time at plast alger. And it’s one of our favourite exhibitions. Of course we had concerns after covid, however, the show and the number of visitors made us very happy like in the past years. We love Algeria and plast alger. See you in 2024!

  • Ms. Meriem Nait Sidi Ahmed
    Commercial - Maghreb Emballage 

    Maghreb Emballage is a company specializing in the production and processing of any type of corrugated cardboard packaging and also in the recycling of old papers.

    Here at printpack alger 2022, we see a high demand for boxes for the agro-food market, the agro-pharmaceutical industry and for household appliances.

    The event gives us the great opportunity to be close to our clients and introduce them to our new technologies. 

  • Mr Bessem Abdmouleh
    Snetor Overseas – Sales Manager Engineering Plastics North

    The SNETOR Group is specialised in the distribution and trading of plastics and chemical products. We have been present in Algeria for many years thanks to the trust of an extremely varied clientele of local processors and distributors.

    At plast alger 2022 we meet all our customers from different fields as well as our international distributors and producers.

    We have already had a surprising number of visitors and we are only on the second day.

  • Mr Mohamed A. Amrouche
    Distripol – Manager

    We are active in the marketing and distribution of plastics, chemicals, masterbatches, stabilisers.

    Our aim in regard to the trade fair was to explore new paths and investment opportunities. This goal was achieved. We met with producers, distributors and consultants.

  • Mr Deven Mehta
    Lohia Corp – Asst. General Manager Export Sales Brazil, East Europe & Maghreb Countries

    Lohia Corp Limited is the flagship company of the Lohia Group and a global supplier of machinery for end-to-end solutions for plastic woven fabric industry used for packaging systems for solid bulk materials and infrastructure applications.

    Our expectations regarding the exhibition are fulfilled. We met customers and potential buyers.

  • Mr Recep Mutlu
    Tepro Makina – t-max Sales Chief 

    Especially our bag emptying machine, shredders and granulators are interesting for the Algerian market.

    At plast alger 2022 we met companies from the entire plastics industry.

    We were expecting to find an agent and to get to know the market. The exhibition has enabled us to make valuable business contacts and to discover the great potential of the market. We are confident that these contacts will lead to future business relationships.

Investment in technology to increase local production, export and substitute imports

According to the Mechanical Engineering Association VDMA, Algeria is one of Africa's & the Middle East's largest investors in plastics, printing and packaging technology. These technology imports enable Algeria to develop and diversify its own production, increase exports and substitute imports of consumables.

Against this background, plast & printpack alger 2022 plays an important role in raising awareness of environmentally friendly materials and packaging among the Algerian public and making the public increasingly familiar with circular economy.


Conference "Recycling of plastics and packaging material - Algeria on the way to a circular economy”

During the accompanying conference, experts from Algerian government institutions and the private sector discussed with international experts and exhibitors on "Recycling of plastics and packaging materials - Algeria on the way to the circular economy".

See full details on the agenda, topics and speakers here:

Conference program

“We are proud that since 2010 plast & printpack alger has been embraced by leading technology and raw material suppliers from around the globe as their most important business platform in the region”, says Martin März, fairtrade founder and managing partner.

“And we thank the Algerian government as well as Algerian, Maghreb, European, Middle Eastern and Asian embassies, institutions and associations for their unmitigated and ongoing support.”

“For the 7th edition of plast & printpack alger we are delighted to welcome global technology leaders” emphasises Petra Cullmann, Executive Director at Messe Duesseldorf.

"We are particularly pleased that our exhibitors will be presenting innovations specifically suited to the Algerian market."

plast alger 2022: Algeria invests in the production of plastics raw material and in plastics technology

Since a few years, Algeria heavily invests in the production of plastics raw materials to be able to gradually reduce such imports. Consumption and imports of plastic raw materials have increased by 10% per year over the last 14 years, from 304 kt in 2007 to well over a thousand kt worth over US$2 billion in 2021, making Algeria the second largest importer of plastics in primary form in Africa and the Middle East, after Egypt and ahead of Nigeria, UAE, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Iran. (EUROMAP)

“When it comes to plastics technology” outlines Thomas Franken, Project Director K with Messe Duesseldorf, “Algeria’s investments amounted to 91 million euros in 2020. This makes Algeria the fourth largest investor in plastics technology in Africa.

Algeria's main suppliers are China, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain and Turkey. (VDMA) 

plast alger 2022: Algeria is Africa’s fourth largest investor in packaging technology

Again, according to VDMA, Algeria’s investments in packaging technology reached 136 million euros in 2020. This places Algeria in fourth position on the African continent. Italy, Germany, France, Spain, China, Turkey and Austria are Algeria's main suppliers.

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