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The 7th edition of plast alger from 14 to 16 March 2022 at the CIC

VDMA: Algeria is one of Africa's & the Middle East's largest importers of plastics in primary forms and of plastics and packaging technology

The Algerian plastics and packaging industry is booming. According to EUROMAP and VDMA, Algeria ranks among the largest importers of plastics in primary forms and of plastics and packaging technology in Africa and the Middle East.

This is why more and more international technology leaders are expected to attend plast alger 2022, the 7th edition of this international trade fair for plastics and packaging will take place at the state-of-the-art CIC Abdelatif Rahal International Conference Centre in Algiers from 14 to 16 March 2022. Held in parallel with printpack alger, plast alger is being organised by fairtrade biannually since 2010, the event has once again been prominently reinforced on the organiser side with Messe Duesseldorf joining in 2017.

Strong institutional support

The event enjoys the strong support of ACIMGA, Advantage Austria, AHK German-Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AMAPLAST, AVEP, ITA Italian Trade Agency and the Turkish Ministry of Trade.

plast alger 2022

“We are proud that since 2010 plast & printpack alger has been embraced by leading technology and raw material suppliers from around the globe as their most important business platform in the region”, says Martin März, fairtrade founder and managing partner.

“And we thank the Algerian government as well as Algerian, Maghreb, European, Middle Eastern and Asian embassies, institutions and associations for their unmitigated and ongoing support.”

“For the 7th edition of plast & printpack alger we are expecting more than 200 leading exhibitors from around the globe” emphasises Petra Cullmann, Executive Director at Messe Duesseldorf.

“We are especially delighted to welcome Pavilions from Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Turkey and France, to bring latest innovations to the Algerian market.”

plast alger 2022: Algeria is the second largest importer of plastics in primary forms in Africa and the Middle East and the largest importer of plastics technology in the Maghreb

Algeria is importing all plastics raw materials - mainly from the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The Algerian market therefore has an immense potential for exporters of such material. Imports of plastic raw materials grew by 10.5% annually between 2007 and 2017, from 304 kt to 828 kt. With imports of 828 kt at a value of more than two billion US$ in 2018, Algeria is the second largest importer of plastics in primary forms in Africa and the Arab Middle East, following Egypt and ahead of Nigeria with 729 kt, the UAE with 658 kt, South Africa with 627 kt, Saudi Arabia with 625 kt and Iran with 473 kt. (EUROMAP)

“When it comes to plastics technology” outlines Thomas Franken, Project Director K with Messe Duesseldorf, “Algeria’s imports according to VDMA doubled between 2012 and 2018, from 77 million euros in 2012 to 153 million euros in 2018 and stood at 122 million in 2019. As a result, Algeria is by far the largest importer of plastics technology in the Maghreb, ahead of Morocco with 92 million and Tunisia with 47 million.

Together with Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa, Algeria is one of Africa's largest importers of plastics technology. Algeria's main suppliers are China, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain and Turkey.”

plast alger 2022: Algeria is Africa’s and the Middle East’s largest importer of packaging technology

Again, according to VDMA, Algerian imports of packaging technology increased by 8.7% annually between 2012 and 2018, from 149 million euros to 246 million euros in 2018 and amounted to 211 million in 2019. Like this, Algeria is the leading importer of packaging technology on the African continent in 2019, together with South Africa (212 million), Egypt (189 million) and Nigeria (155 million euros). Algeria is also the leading importer compared to major countries in the Middle East. In 2019, for example, Saudi Arabia imported packaging machinery worth 160 million euros, the UAE for 150 million, Israel for 96 million and Iran for 93 million. Italy, Germany, France, Spain, China, Turkey and Austria are Algeria's main suppliers. 

Video 2020

Review plast & printpack alger 2020

  • 3,162 visitors from 25 countries: Algeria, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Libya, Luxembourg, Mali, Morocco, New Zealand, Oman, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Vietnam
  • Exhibitors from 22 countries: Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, Korea, Lebanon, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.
  • 6th edition of plast alger – 7th edition of printpack alger
  • Centre International de Conférences Abdelatif Rahal CIC - 09 to 11 March 2020
  • plast & printpack alger founded by fairtrade in 2008, the event has been jointly organised by fairtrade and Messe Duesseldorf since 2017


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plast alger 2020 – This is what they said …

  • battenfeld-cincinnati is a manufacturer of extruders and complete extrusion lines and equipment for a wide range of applications.
    Even though there are fewer visitors at plast & printpack alger this year due to the general situation, it seems to be going well. Above all, we want to connect with old customers and win new ones.

    Foudil Boukhedami
    Area Sales Manager - battenfeld-cincinnati

  • Even if Covid-19 challenges everything, Algeria is still the market with the biggest potential in the Maghreb.
    Kautex is at plast & printpack alger 2020 to promote its products, maintain the relationship with existing customers and gain new ones.

    One of the many highlights of the show was the exhibitor evening in this great venue as well as the organizational team, always kind and friendly.

    Mohamed Ikar
    Sales Manager - Kautex Maschinenbau

  • For Decoplast Annaba business in Algeria is generally going well - even in these somewhat difficult times in Algeria. Nevertheless, we hope that the coming years will be even more lucrative. 

    That is why we are trying to use the participation in plast & printpack alger 2020 as a marketing tool to get closer to our customers and to meet potential customers.

    Toufik Khezzane
    Co-Manager - Decoplast Annnaba

  • NGR provides recycling machines for turning plastic production waste into granulate.

    The present situation in Algeria is challenging but the market has a huge potential. Our challenge at plast & printpack alger 2020 is to convince the customers of our products to help them improve their current condition. We will see what the market shows in the future – it’s all about relationships.

    Patrick Mayrhofer
    Area Sales Manager - NGR

  • The current very difficult situation is due to the fact that our products are imported, and with the oil price the currency is getting weaker and weaker and the outlook is very uncertain.

    Our intention to participate in the fair is to satisfy the customers and offer the best value for money and to ensure the constant availability of our products. The strengths of the fair are good organization and a pleasant atmosphere

    Farid Lamouri
    Manager – Polychemical

  • In this country due to undergoing economic, political and cultural change, we see that the projects are numerous but pending.

    We are participating at the show to get to know the Algerian market better, and to discover new opportunities. The plast & printpack alger trade fair is excellently organised.

    Fréderic Carnicer
    Sales Manager – Maillefer

  • Concerning the current situation in Algeria we are very enthusiastic and optimistic, because it can be a reason for development and surpassing. The Algerian economy needs companies like ours in order to put in place the necessary means for the manufacture and production of all types of objects in our country. It is therefore important to reduce imports and especially to allow Algerian entrepreneurs to realize their projects.

    Our commercial objectives through this exhibition are diverse and multiple. On the one hand to make known our machines, moulds and technologies to the interested parties and on the other hand to target new customers and make Algerian entrepreneurs aware of the wide choice of innovative projects they can accomplish.

    The strong points of the exhibition are the fact that it is an international meeting, a crossroads of technology and know-how. This allows Algerian entrepreneurs to be up to date on the various global innovations.

    Youcef Doudou (left)
    Co-owner - Plasnovatic Group


  • Even in the difficult times in Algeria at the moment, our company is constantly growing, especially with the new market trends.

    With KURZ's participation at plast & printpack alger 2020 we would like to expand our customer database, develop our business and confirm our market presence.

    This trade fair is distinguished by its good organisation and the competence of the organisers' staff.

    Issam Ayari
    Electromechanical Engineer / Project Development Manager
    KURZ North Africa


  • In view of the current reluctance in Algeria regarding business matters, we are pleased to be an exhibitor at plast & printpack alger 2020.

    This exhibition enables us to increase our turnover in these difficult times and to have professional contacts in the plastics industry.

    The highlights of the fair are especially the meeting with businessmen from the sector and the exchange of knowledge with our customers.

    Aouadi Mohamed (right)
    Plastic Injection Technician - Eurl Haitian Algeria Service


  • Algeria is an excellent example of innovation and growth of the packaging and printing industry in the region. The challenges for the next 10 years will be: quality, productivity, agility, durability of machinery, education and respect for the environment.

    With investments of €246 million, Algeria is the largest importer of packaging technology in Africa and the Middle East, followed by South Africa (€175 million) and Egypt (€168 million). The figures encourage us to follow up our efforts at first hand to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of our customers.

    With a clear focus on the future, plast & printpack alger is a thought-provoking tool that asks essential questions about what the industry needs to do to keep pace with the latest trends.

    Mohammed Hassairi
    Regional Manager Marketing and Communications
    Africa & Middle East – Bobst 

  • At printpack & plast alger 2020 we spoke to many delegates across a wide range of industry sectors, but the same themes consistently emerged, namely the need for greater digitalization, automation and connectivity. These are major areas of focus for us and it was a wonderful opportunity to discuss many of the new BOBST technologies that can help brand owners to meet customer expectations. We see the Africa and Middle East region as one of huge potential growth, and we are already helping to provide a competitive advantage to many customers in the region.

    Algeria is an excellent example of industry growth and innovation in the region and the trade show was an inspiring, forward-looking event, which dealt with the important questions, particularly around what the industry in the region needs to do to keep pace with the major trends. One of the key topics that came up in many conversations was the need for good education in the printing and packaging industry to ensure we can all advance our knowledge in a rapidly-moving more digital world. BOBST – along with many of its industry partners – has an important role to play here.

    Samir Khoudja, General Manger
    Mohamed Hassairi, Regional Manager Marketing and Communication

    Bobst Africa & Middle East 

  • Being a France-based company with offices in African countries such as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, Graphic Evolution has decided to participate as an exhibitor at plast & printpack alger 2020.  
    In our opinion, the fair is in general a high quality trade fair, which allows us to consolidate our position in the Algerian market. Therefore, we would like to deepen our professional customer base in the fields of offset and flexo printing even more in Africa.
    Even in the current exceptional situation in Algeria as well as in all other countries, we can nevertheless hold our professional business at a very high level in Algeria.

    Pierre Monopoli (right)
    Graphic Evolution

  • Jurmet is a manufacturer of slitter rewinders and core slitters.

    We are for the first time at plast & printpack alger 2020 but we have already noticed that there are many business opportunities related to the packaging industry. At plast & printpack alger 2020 we want to build business contacts with local packaging companies.

    Our highlights at the show are the various machines from different companies like Uteco or Bobst.

    Katarzyna Gozdzinska
    Sales Manager - Jurmet

  • The business of pbh in Algeria has developed well in the last years because the Algerian market offers us a good number of projects.Therefore we remain optimistic about this growing and very promising market.

    With the participation in plast & printpack alger 2020 we would like to further increase the loyalty of our existing customers and ensure our continued business support in Algeria. We aim to further identify new projects for the following year.

    Above all, the strengths of this fair are the very good organisation by the teams of fairtrade and Messe Duesseldorf as well as the continuity of the fair over the years, which has made this fair a real institution in Algeria.

    Christian Deufert (left)
    Sales Director North Africa and Lionel Cassiani-Ingoni, President – pbh France

  • Despite the general business crisis, Algeria has a growing market in converting business.
    With our participation at plast & printpack alger 2020 we would like to get in touch with new customers and open the doors for a new growing market.
    The highlight of the show is the market analysis and the opening of a new market where the demands of printed material are increasing. 

    Moratti Manuel (left)
    Sales Dept. - S2 Converting 

  • In Algeria, we have confidence in our work and in all the investments we do with our visit in 2020.

    With our participation we want to strengthen our customer relations and perhaps also win new customers. We are very satisfied with the good organization of the fair.

    Pellegrino Gaeta
    Managing Director - Inci-flex

  • Despite the current economic situation we have current projects. Also the companies we met remain confident and looking for solutions.

    Our main goal of this participation was to meet our clients personally and to meet potential new clients.  In addition we want to inform them about our news and our after-sales organisation in Algeria.

    The plast & printpack alger organisation has been active in Algeria for many years and therefore has a large database, which ensures targeted visitors to both fairs.

    Vincent Comme
    Manager - KONICA MINOLTA Sensing Europe


  • ACT Print offers innovative solutions that give its customers the means to differentiate themselves from other companies in the printing industry. We aim at objectives such as cost reduction, waste reduction and business process reliability.

    With the participation in plast & printpack alger 2020 we want to make ourselves known to African printing companies. The exhibition shows the whole range of packaging and label converting.

    ACT Print would therefore like to become a long-term partner with existing customers who already trust us as well as with new contacts we met at plast & printpack alger 2020.

    Laurent Jacquemin
    Managing Owner- ACT-Print

The 6th edition of plast & printpack alger was officially opened on 09 March 2020 by the following personalities from Algeria and numerous European countries

  • Mr Megateli Redouane, Adviser to the Minister for Microenterprises, Startups and the Knowledge Economy
  • H.E. the Ambassador of Germany Ulrike Knotz
  • H.E. the Ambassador of Italy Pasquale Ferrara    
  • H.E. Ambassador of Turkey Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş
  • Mr. Amine Mered, Chairman - Packaging Committee of the Business Leaders Forum
  • Mrs. Latifa Turki Liot, President - Professional Union of the Automobile and Mechanical Engineering Industry UPIAM
  • Mr. Franz Bachleitner, Commercial Counsellor - Austrian Embassy       
  • Mr. Jose María Hernando, Economic and Commercial Adviser - ICEX Spain Export and Investment
  • Ms. Besma Belbedjaoui, CEO Plasticycle & ECC Algeria
  • Mr. Martin & Paul März, MDs  fairtrade & Ms. Petra Cullmann, Global Portfolio Manager Plastics & Rubber - Messe Duesseldorf

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