7th International Trade Show

CIC Alger
Partner event:


Opening hours:
14 - 16 March 2022
10 am - 06 pm

Official opening:
14 March 2022 - 11 am


Centre International de Conférences d‘Alger Abdelatif Rahal CIC
BP 67-42430, Club des Pins,
Staoueli • Alger

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Ms Freyja Detjen

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Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

Mr Thorsten Henke

Why exhibit at plast alger?

Africa’s and the Arab Middle East’s largest importer of plastics and packaging technology

Algeria’s plastics, printing and packaging industry is booming, making it Africa’s and the Arab Middle East’s largest importer of plastics and packaging technology, its second largest importer of plastics in primary forms and Africa’s third largest importer of printing & paper technology.
This is why more and more international technology leaders participate at plast alger & printpack alger 2022. The 7th International Plastics, Printing and Packaging Trade Show takes place at the Centre International de Conférences Abdelatif Rahal CIC in Algiers on 14to 16 March 2022. Founded by fairtrade in 2010, the event has been jointly organised by fairtrade and Messe Duesseldorf since 2017.
plast alger 2022: Algeria is Africa’s and the Arab Middle East’s second largest importer of plastics in primary forms and its largest importer of plastics technology

Algeria importing all plastics raw materials (mainly from the Middle East, Asia and Europe), the Algerian market has an immense potential for exporters of such material. Imports of plastic raw materials grew by 10.5% annually between 2007 and 2017, from 304 kt to 828 kt. With imports of 828 kt at a value of more than two billion US$ in 2017, Algeria is the second largest importer of plastics in primary forms in Africa and the Middle East, following Egypt and ahead of Nigeria with 729 kt, the UAE with 658 kt, South Africa with 627 kt, Saudi Arabia with 625 kt and Iran with 473 kt. (EUROMAP)
“When it comes to plastics technology” outlines Petra Cullmann, Global Portfolio Director Plastics & Rubber with Messe Duesseldorf, “Algeria’s imports doubled between 2012 and 2018, from 77 million euros in 2012 to 153 million euros in 2018. As a result, Algeria is the largest importer of plastics technology in Africa and the Arab Middle East, followed by Egypt (148 million euros), Saudi Arabia (132 million euros), South Africa (125 million euros), Nigeria (115 million euros) and the United Arab Emirates (106 million euros).” Algeria's main suppliers are China, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain and Turkey. (VDMA German Engineering Federation)

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